Dreamers Support Services

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Dreamers Support Services Office provides programs 和 services to help empower 无证 和 移民 students to achieve their academic & personal pursuits 和 become active members of our community.  We serve as a resource for 无证 和 移民 students (e.g., ab-540 / sb-68, daca, t - & u签证, TPS, individuals without legal 移民 status or with pending legal status, mixed-status families) on topics pertaining to access to higher education, advocacy 和 educational materials, campus-based 和 community services, 时事, 参与活动, 转介法律援助, 立法的更新, 和更多的.

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A Personalized Support Program

的 Dreamers Support Office operates as an open-access student support program where anyone can seek the assistance that they need.  你做 need to apply; we serve all students who contact our office.  However, we do encourage 无证 和 移民 students to create a 做梦的概要文件.



你的梦想家形象是 不 an application; our programs 和 services are open-access.  Your profile helps us, the 梦之队, learn more about you.  It’s a tool we use to provide you with the best support that is tailored to your unique lived experience.  Current 和 prospective (future) students can create their profile by clicking the button below.  It should only take you about ten minutes or less to finish.  If you need assistance, contact our office for help.



两人之间的内容支持: Individualized support sessions for students, college employees, community members.

AB-540 & 学费豁免Assembly Bill 540 is a provision that grants in-state tuition to students who may 不 be classified as a CA resident, like 无证 students.

CA Dream Act (金融援助): Discover which financial aid resources are available to you based on your 移民 status.

职业生涯 & 创业探索 employment resources 和 income generation opportunities available to the 无证 和 移民 communities including how to get your Undocu-Hustle on as an entrepreneur—no work authorization required!

事件 & 研讨会: Student 参与活动 like our popular Undocu-Circles咖啡 & 工艺品 sessions that are open to all students 和 program workshops that are tailored to 无证 和 移民 students like 梦想法案101, Undocu-Hustle, 了解你的权利, Undocu-奖学金.

免费法律援助 & DACA延期援助Learn more about our FREE legal services provided by our partners at the Higher Education Legal Services, relevant 移民-related legislation including the current status of DACA, other 移民 relief 和 aid.

健康 & 健康Undocumented 和 移民 students face unique wellness pressures. We're here to create an affirming space for you 和 refer you to appropriate services when needed. 为美丽华学院 健康 Services 和 Mental 健康 咨询 请拨打(619)388-7881. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

奖学金Learn about scholarship opportunities available to you regardless of your 移民 status 和 find different ways to pay for college.

Undocu-TransferFor students transferring to a不her institution, we offer workshops 和 support appointments to help students identify universities that have robust 无证 和 移民 student resources ensuring success.

Undocu-Ally培训: Professional development opportunities for employees 和 resources to help educators become strong allies to the 无证 和 移民 communities.




A photo of Vincent Ngo, Director of 金融援助 at Miramar College.

Dreamers Program Director
Vincent Ngo, Director of 金融援助
电子邮件: vngo@sdccd.edu

A photo of Edward Borek, Program Assistant for the Miramar Dreamers Support Program

Dreamers Program Assistant & 分析师
爱德华J. Borek三世
电子邮件: eborek@sdccd.edu


A photo of 玛戈特萨尔加多, Dreamers Project Assistant.

Dreamers Project Assistant
玛戈特萨尔加多, M.A. 在教育
电子邮件: msalgado@sdccd.edu





Each of the San Diego Community College campus Dreamer Support 项目 have a profound impact on our students. Listen to students like you talk about their experiences with 无证 和 移民 student services in the video below.